Prosecutors said a pipe bomb from the backpack was placed along a Marine Corps charity race in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, while the rest were left the following day in the backpack near the Elizabeth, New Jersey, train station. A delay in the start of the race prevented anyone from being injured when that bomb went off. The others were discovered and did not explode, except for one that went off in safe conditions as bomb technicians worked to disable it..

More importantly, I can tell you that we cannot simply our way out of this problem. I also know from my experience that we cannot simply our way out of this either. Some additional taxes certainly need to come on line but tax increases alone also won be satisfactory.

Played capball for what seems like the first time in 189974527 years. Vanny was in her element this time, and she played and played and played some more. Sat on the beach, got the seat of my pants seriously wet. Unless she didn’t know? I’ve been rear ended 3 times and had no idea until someone was walking up to my window. The first one was a fiat, second a ford car and the most recent was a Prius. I have a full size truck with a chrome rear bumper (all metal, not just the finish) and honestly I didn’t even feel them.

In James 2, it speaks about if we offend in one point, we are guilty of the whole law. In the old testament there were different penalties according to which law was broken. None of us were able to uphold the law and so Jesus came to die for […]