FY-1201/1501 Single Head 12 or 15 Needle Embroidery Machine

Introducing our FY-1501 very similar to our FY-1201 however with 15 needles!!

From small to Large embroidery this portable unit brings you the quality, speed, and durability as any commercial and industrial multi-needle single head embroidery machine. We have an updated 10″ LCD screen with a interface that is user friendly and easy to navigate. We can’t forget the things like the automatic thread trimmer or sensors to let you know the thread is broken. For our business owners and hobbyist the FY-1501 has reduced time and produced exactly what our customers are looking for.

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Included With Machine :
  • Cap driver 1set,
  • Cap frame 2pcs
  • Cap station 1set
  • Finished garments frame 2 sets(9,12,15,19,30*30cm)
  • 58*36cm frame 1pc
  • Aluminum frame with flat table 1set
  • Steel stand with wheels
  • Automatic winding machine
  • Tool box
  • Plywood packing



Additional Information :
  • Suitable for flat, cap and finished garments embroidery
  • Automatic thread trimmer, automatic color change
  • 270 degrees cap frame
  • Maximum speed 1200R.P.M.
  • Supported language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • 10″ big touchscreen, showing real time stitching with photo embroidery
  • Full screen preview design function support
  • Automatic start and color change, 200 times color change
  • Wide voltage AC80V~260V input, adapt to any unstable electricity
  • DC36 safe voltage output
  • Machine maximum power consumption: 150W
  • Devices could be matched(cording, sequins, beads, rhinestone)


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