FY-373D Chainstitch Button Attaching Industrial Sewing Machine With Table and Built In Direct Drive Servo Motor

This single-thread, chain stitch, button sewing machine, which is frequently used for sewing buttons on men’s wear and blouses under different sewing conditions, has been redesigned with its capabilities upgraded. Just insert the button and press the pedal, the rest is automatic. Smooth and quiet!! All kinds of buttons can be immediately finished up!


Max. speed:  1500rpm

Direct-driving motor.

Needle stop position.

No brake noise.

Button adjust running speed friendly.

Button choice stitch numbers.

Direct Drive

Direct-drive motors give you higher torque and lower speed compared to a traditional rotary servo motor. What this allows you to do is mount the load directly to the motor without using gear reduction. For example, a typical servo motor that can run at maybe 6,000 rpm, which is too high for most applications, requires a gearhead to reduce the speed and gain torque. But when you use a direct-drive rotary style servo motor, the high pole count gives you that high torque. This allows you to reduce the servo motor and gearbox combination down to a single component that is directly driving the application, so you eliminate all the mechanical components that introduce backlash, resonance and positioning error.


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