GK26-1A (Bag Closer)


This versatile, portable bag closer is the perfect solution for small volume bagging applications. With a speed of 1250 stitches per minute, this handheld sewing machine can close anywhere from 250 to 300 bags per hour. Its ideal for binding bags made of kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, pp/pe woven cloth, synthetic fabric, as well as closing bags for agricultural products, animal feeds, fertilizer, flour, chemicals, etc.  

Lightweight yet constructed of heavy-duty metal, its advanced design features a high-quality aluminum alloycasted shell and a semi-closed structure that allows for a dust-free experience. The insulated plastic handle also ensures safe usage and makes maneuvering this machine easy and comfortable. 

This user-friendly bag closer includes an automatic lubrication system with oil lines that direct lubrication straight to the moving parts on the machine. Also featuring a single-thread chain stitch, automatic thread cutter, and automatic refueling function, this bag closer works with virtually all bag substrates including paper (single/multi-wall), woven polypropylene, laminated woven polypropylene, net, PE, burlap, and cotton bags. 

It is suitable for sealing various kinds of openings of gunny sack, cloth bag, brown paper bag, plastic bag etc. Small size, easy use, high speed and high quality.
1.It is an excellent endurable level seaming machine.
2.Suitable to sewing different kinds of thin, moderate thick garments
3.With a little light
4.Safe plastic handle
Technical Datas
Model: GK26-1A
Voltage: 110v/220v
Power: 100W
Rotation Rate: 11500 r/min
Shaft Speed: 1500~1800 r/min
Stitch Distance: 6.5mm
Sewing Thickness: 6mm
Dimensions: 320×370×220mm
Net Weight: 5.6kg
Gross weights: 6.5kg

Additional Info:

  • packing weight:6.5KG,packing size:” 320×370×220mm “
  • It is an excellent endurable level seaming machine.
  • Suitable to sewing different kinds of thin, moderate thick garments
  • Safe plastic handle
  • With a little light


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