781aThe 781D is a semi-automatic Lock Stitch Button Hole sewing machine designed to sew button holes on dress shirts, blouses, work wear.  The buttonholing position and length can be easily adjusted from it’s minimum size of 1/4″ to its maximum size of 3/4″ (6.4mm to 20mm)

This machine includes 4 different cams which easily let you adjust the number of stitches in each button hole depending on your custom sewing requirements.

Automatic thread trimmer is also included as standard.

The integrated Direct Drive motor provides a smooth and steady operation without the noise and vibration of typical belt driven machines.  Plus, the direct drive motor saves up to 70% of electricity compared to the older motors.

Overall, this machine provides you a very smooth and quiet operation with perfect and beautiful stitches in each button hole sewn.

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