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China Feiyue USA Inc. was established in 1997 primarily to gather market data and research information of the North American market for the corporation. However, it was also founded so we could offer after sales service to North American consumers. To date, we have enlisted over 1500 dealers nationwide to promote, distribute or service our products.

It has also given us tremendous research capability and insight into the constant changes of the sewing machine market in North America. We have at our disposal a complete service and parts departments as well as a full staff of sales and service representatives at our corporate offices in Chino, California so we can offer fast and reliable responses and customer support every step of the way. With such a structure, we are also able to offer fast and responsive logistics for our largest customers in North America.


Our Company

China Feiyue Sewing Machine Corporate Group was founded in 1986 by Mr. Qiu Jibao and is presently one of the largest non-governmental enterprises in China. Feiyue has developed a complete system of product development, mold creation, machine and spare part manufacturing, quality control and after service since its foundation in 1986. In the field of sewing machinery, Feiyue has almost covered the whole range of sewing equipment.Currently it has a wide product line with 31 series and more than 300 products. The annual output of various sewing machines is 2 million sets, among which overlock sewing machines and stretch sewing machines account for 50% of total world production volume.

Over 20 million Domestic Sewing Machines are consumed by the North American Market each year. More than 90% of the total sewing machines being sold are Multi-Function Domestic Sewing Machines which is the category in which most of our machines fit in. 

Consumers are diversified and ranges from House wives to professional sewers. Market demand for sewing machine equipment, parts, accessories and service in North America is astronomical.

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