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Our Family Servo motor allows control of the speed of the motor with a switch that lets you adjust between 0 and 3450 RPM. This makes it ideal for beginner sewers or delicate sewing. Once the adjustable speed is set, it remains constant no matter how hard the pedal is pressed. The Servo motor consumes less energy than the traditional Clutch motor and is more compact and light in comparison.

The Servo motor is often used with more delicate fabrics or on projects that require the sewer to sew stitch by stitch. However, the Servo motor is more than capable of tackling the heavier materials like leather with the ease of the Clutch motor, while allowing the user to more easily control the sewing since the speed setting is adjustable.

The Family Servo motor isn’t constantly running unlike its clutch style counter part thus the amount of heat created is almost negligible.

  • Available in N or S models
  • N Model: LED Powered On/Off Switch on the unit’s body
  • S Model: LED Powered On/Off Switch on a separate switch box
  • Compact size
  • High Torque D.C. Electronic Servo Motor
  • Replacement for standard clutch motors
  • Variable Speed with connection to your stand pedal
  • Doesn’t run unless stand pedal is depressed so is ULTRA QUIET
  • The motor is direct, strong and quiet. Comes complete with mounting hardware
  • Easy to use speed adjustment knob
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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