Yamata FY810 One Needle Post-bed Lockstith Machine, 0-4mm, 7.2-10mm,

3000s.p.m., Lockstitch Heavy Duty, Roller feed.Accurate and consistent

stitching, adjustable stitch length of between 1 to 8 mm (about 6-16

stitches to the inch), a spring loaded reverse lever that allows the

user to sew in reverse, Smooth and lightly operating knee-lifter

mechanism,lift of about 1/2″, and will comfortably sew just about

anything up to 1/8″ thick.

It comes complete with sewing machine table and Electronic DC Servo Motor 1/2 H.P, 1 PHASE, 110 VOLT, 0 ~3300 RPM (Model SMS-400), everything (drawer, belt, tools, led lamp and instruction manual) brand new, packed in sealed boxes and never been used before.Assembly required !


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